Vendors make the event.

A Curated Vendor Experience

The success of an event rests with the many vendors selected. To promote successful events and expedite vendor selection, we present hosts with a list of qualified, local vendors. These vendors have been to our venues, performed admirably, and have been a pleasure to work with. Hosts must use vendors on the Approved Vendor list (exceptions noted within the categories).

Approved Vendors

This list changes periodically. Verify that a vendor is on the list before contracting with the vendor.

New Vendor Approval

We take new vendors very seriously and urge you to use the list of approved vendors. If, however, you'd like to use a professional vendor who is not on this list, we will give them proper consideration. They must complete an application to establish their qualifications in order to come to our venues. They will provide their annual certificate of insurance and pay a $500 fee.  We will evaluate them thoroughly. Approval is not assured.