Like our name, our event venues are ferociously unique, yet comfortingly pastoral.

For a decade, Dragon Park has helped couples, charities, and businesses choose a creative alternative to the sameness of Nashville's ever-proliferating barns and hotels.

When you choose Ruby or Clementine Hall, you will not have to become an event expert in order to throw your wedding, party, or fundraiser. Through good design and integrated systems, at Dragon Park you can achieve the mythical: a truly boutique event executed with great simplicity.

Ok, ok, so Dragon Park is the name of the park that surrounds our first venue, Ruby. No matter, the name has always reflected the style of our venues, so we adopted it as our own from the start.

The Venues: Ruby and Clementine Hall

Like siblings, so different yet so similar

Differences always seem to be more apparent, and so it is with our spaces. Ruby and Clementine Hall are different size, design, different price, and of course location. Here's the quick comparison to help you find the right fork to take. For a few, the choice may not be clear.

  • CAPACITY, MAX: Ruby - 200 ppl, Clementine - 450 ppl
  • DESIGN: photos to far more justice than words here
  • LOCATION: Ruby - Hillsboro Village, Clementine - Sylvan Park

But take a closer look and there are more similarities. Both are beautifully designed, integrated key systems such as audio and decorative lighting, and provide great vendor latitude.

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