Venue managers are pilots of the plane (or building).


hat we mean is that we have a singular focus on our facilities. Venue Managers are not event planners here, nor are we caterers florists, or please help us, DJs.


Facilities Oversight
Management of the venue: before, during and after an event.  The day begins with opening the facility with routine as well as customized set up for the event. Throughout the event day, vendor oversight as it relates to our spaces is needed as vendors set up and prepare, service and then load out.  During the event you will welcome clients and guests, and ensure building related aspects are on point. At the end of the day, you will perform internal closing duties and closing of the facility.

Vendor Management
Events in our spaces usually require numerous vendors to perform the many services required.  Monitoring vendor performance in our spaces is paramount to both a successful event for the client, as well as the good care of our facility.  We see the same vendors often at our facilities and call many friends.  They are also a source of referral business.  We treat them as guests-with-obligations: to be considerate to both our facility and the client and their guests.

Client Satisfaction
Our events are held at the pleasure of our clients:  bride/groom, companies, non-profits and individuals.  We may not have seen the client for some time before their event, but they selected us primarily for the quality, comprehensive nature, and meticulous manner in which we keep our spaces.  During the event, we must maintain the client’s trust with our professionalism and the over-delivery of their expectations.


Facility Related
Our facilities are high-end and demand a keen eye for detail to deliver our venues in exceptional form, every time.  Our audio, video, lighting and other systems require a reasonable comfort with technology. Logic, problem-solving and a checklist mentality are key.   

Events held at our spaces are comprised of groups of people who enjoy an inspiring atmosphere for their festivities.  Since all events are, in their essence, people - the client, their guests, and their vendors - being able to relate to people in an expert, mature, welcoming, and authoritative manner is a critical.


This is a part time, hourly position with assignments falling upon event days, which are generally Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.  Shifts usually begin at 9 am or late afternoon and last approximately 8 hours. We require a commitment of at least two shifts per month.


Hourly compensation begins at $22/hr, escalating according to training, ability and commitment.    


If interested, contact us at A resume and a little something about you are always appreciated.

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Top 10 reasons why Dragon Park (Clementine Hall + Ruby) could be great for you!

1. It's part-time, so you can take on as many events as you like.
2. It's part time, so you can decide what you think of us without jumping into the deep end.
3. Events are generally on weekends and evenings, which works if you have a day job.
4. No two events are the same, so it keeps things interesting.
5. You'll meet lots of nice vendors and clients and sometimes witness a once-in-a-lifetime event.
6. Our venues are architecturally and historically appealing, if you you like design, which hopefully you do.
7. We don't expect you to move furniture, set tables, DJ, cook or bartend - just love our buildings and clients.
8. If our client expresses their happiness with their event, we show our appreciation to you.
9. You don't need "event experience", but rather logic, personality and observation skills.
10. There's lots more to our business than venue management, so there can be more in store.