May 10, 2021

Who is Dragon Park?

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ost people don't like to talk about themselves, and we're no different despite what Brenda says about me. But we do get asked about it enough. It's natural when purchasing something of value to want to find out about the product and what's behind it. But it usually requires research. We'll save you the time.

Behind the Curtain

We call ourselves Dragon Park, the park that surrounds our first venue, Ruby. We are locally owned and operated, well, by the two of us, Dan and Brenda Cook. No investors, no boards, no bureaucracy. Nevertheless, we think that we run our locations as well as the best operators in the industry, anywhere. We own our buildings and land and therefore, unlike tenants, are able to create high quality, original spaces (and we won't lose our lease, which happens).

We take great interest in the history of our buildings, the architecture, the engineering all of the many building systems (audio, video, lighting, one of our favorites - HVAC, and our antique pipe organs). We even enjoy the permitting, to a point, and how our spaces fit in with the fabric of the neighborhoods in which they are located. Our favorite awards have always been the Urban Land Institute's Excellence in Design Award, which balance these many factors, and which we won for Ruby in 2012 and Clementine in 2020.

Our 10 years designing, building, owning and operating boutique, independent event venues in Nashville has led to the accumulation of a few stories, many of which we'll share in these posts. Stories are the basis for all events and what our clients, like us, want to share. If we meet you at Clementine or Ruby, you'll likely be subjected to several.

Our family is woven into our buildings from design through construction and naming of Adelaide Hall, Little Bird Lounge and Brash Courtyard. But don't ask us the origin of the Ruby and Clementine names. Answering that would only ruin your imagination.

Because there aren't many boutique, independent event venues in Nashville, we've mainly forged our own way, these many years. And though frequently wrong, we have strongly-held views of the private event world in Nashville. But that a subject for other articles.

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