Vendors make the event.

A Boutique Vendor Experience

Events are comprised of vendors, and the ability to choose your own team enables a custom product. The success of your event also depends upon which vendors you select.  Vendors on this list are pre-approved to come to our venues.

New Vendor Approval

If you'd like to use a professional vendor who is not on this list (and they are not a Rental, Bartending, Security or Valet company, which must come from the list, or are not a vendor who is not allowed to return), they must complete an application for consideration to come to Clementine and Ruby. They (not you the client or the coordinator) will submit their contact information, sign a liability release, and provide their certificate of insurance.  We will evaluate their qualifications and verify that they are a business in good standing. Approval is not assured.  A fee of $50 is charged to each new vendor applicant for this evaluation.

Approved Vendors

For New Vendors

If you're a vendor new to our venues or haven't been here for awhile, we'd love to see you. Before you come, we require that you submit an application as this information enables us to confirm that you are a professional vendor.  

If you are not on the list, do not tell a client that you have been to our venues before and are therefore allowed back (that's awkward).