A Gift to Nashville Musicians (and Other Couples)


hen we have a wedding during the early part of the week at Clementine Hall, the couple are often musicians. We decided to say thanks for the music and the city it created with our Too Good to Be True Tuesdays. How is it Too Good? Read on.

Yes, it's on Tuesdays

A wedding on a non-holiday Tuesday is what this is all about. A wedding. A Tuesday. It's that simple. If it were Wednesdays, well that would not sound as good. So it's Tuesdays only.

The best part

We take our lowest cost rate for the week (Mon-Thrs) and then slice it in half. Yes half. That's $4,400. Crazy.

It gets even better. The window for your Tuesday wedding is just like our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - 10 am - midnight.

Other vendors participating to sweeten things

Some of our approved vendors also participate in TGTBTs! Here's a list of those offering discounts. This list may change, so check back.

Some things remain the same

Our boutique, curated vendor policy remains the same as always in order to keep events on the rails!

The guest attendance for Too Good to Be Tuesdays is capped at 175. Payment is in full at time of booking.