Let's Simplify Your Venue Selection

These are some of the questions we're asked most often.


Can I have my ceremony at Ruby too?

Of course, ceremonies are typical here. We have to say, the Hall is about the finest place in Nashville to have a wedding ceremony and we've been holding ceremonies here since 2011!

How does a ceremony and reception work at Ruby?

Ceremonies typically take place in the Hall. The wall opposite the entry is the most popular location, followed by the wall with the doors allowing guests to look out over the park, and finally in the center of the room (in the round).

After the ceremony, guests adjourn to either the Treehouse Courtyard or the Park Courtyard for drinks and appetizers. Your vendors will transition the Hall from ceremony to reception in an hour or less. After cocktail hour, guests will re-enter the Hall and all will be transformed.

How do rehearsals work?

Rehearsals usually are held on the day of the wedding, and if the couple isn't doing a first look, it's done with everyone but the bride. Over 10 years, we have found that day-before rehearsals are difficult to manage with guests preferring to eat, drink and socialize, not rehearse. Further, Adelaide Hall will not be set for your event and usually another event will be underway. Rehearsals the day of the wedding are quick and efficient, and all interested parties are truly engaged in the process.


What is your capacity?

This is a very open ended question! It depends upon the type of event and which portions of Ruby you are using. We address this where we discuss the parts of the property. But usually people want to know the following:
  • Ceremonies in the Hall: 175 facing the far wall and 135 facing the park windows
  • Seated dinner in the Hall: 110-135 depending on presence of dance floor, band, etc.
  • Cocktail party in the Treehouse or Park Courtyard: 150-175
  • Cocktail party, entire property: 200

Do you have an audio system?

Yes we do. Bands and DJ routinely use our audio system, and they're welcome to use our built-in 32-channel mixing board. Incidentally, the acoustics in the Hall are fantastic. Clients can play their own streaming music through our system.

What type of decorative lighting do you provide?

Lighting may be the single most important decorative element, both indoors and out. It creates the ambiance for an event.

Our LED lights that wash the white plaster walls and wood ceiling may be any color you wish. White, amber, blush and pale blue tend to be the most popular colors, though you may have any color.

Outside, in the courtyards, our building, landscape, and wall brings the private outdoor areas to life.

Do you have video/image projection?

Yes. Projection, like lighting (well, it's actually lighting), is essential for an event.

Hosts may project their logo/ monogram, slideshow or video on the white plaster wall opposite the entry.

Hosts send us their design (png file with black background) and we do the rest. If a slideshow or video is used, the host will play the media from their laptop.

Where is parking?

When guests arrive, we'll have parking flags positioned to the designated parking area. There is no fee for parking.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes. We are connected to the inter-webs.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes. There are no steps into the building from the handicap parking area behind Ruby and there are no steps inside the building. We have handicapped restrooms as well.


Do you allow outside vendors?

Yes we do. And we think hosts benefit from the freedom to select their own vendors, both with respect to cost and breadth of choice.

We intentionally specialize in the facility and its audio, video, lighting and many other systems. We leave the other aspects of events to experts in their respective fields. Here is our vendor approach.

Can my aunt do the [fill in the blank] instead of a vendor?

Sorry, but no. We are a very open when it comes to your vendors, but they have to be professionals. This protects your event as well as our reputation. And if your aunt is working, she's not enjoying the party. That's not right.

Can I have food trucks?

Sure. Food trucks may park behind Ruby with their windows facing the Park Courtyard. This area is elevated so guests will be at window height.

Can my minister marry us?

Yes of course. If this is your minister from your church, they are likely not insured. So we treat them as your guest. If you use a officiant service then they are required to submit a vendor application.


Are tables and chairs included?

No. You're thinking about "All-Incusive" venues, which are usually venues such as hotels and country clubs that require that you use their in-house catering and bar services and often furniture. We chose not to follow this model as it leads to high cost and no freedom for clients. We think your time may be better spent asking if audio, video and lighting is included. And if the venue is BYOB. We have much to say on this matter in an article.

Do you offer bar packages?

No, we are BYOB. We have chosen to this point for our venues to be BYOB. This benefits the client significantly when it comes to cost, of course, but also the freedom to choose your own brand of alcoholic beverages and even your own style of bartending service.

BYOB is a simple matter. All of the big liquor retailers will deliver alcohol on the day of your event. They will help you determine order quantities. And they will often accept unopened bottles for returns. Of course, since you own the alcohol you can merely take home anything that is leftover. And you'll never be worried that your guests are drinking to much or too little depending on the package you ordered!

What is the cost? What's included?

You can find all that here.

What does the Venue Manager do?

Clementine's Venue Manager is what we refer to as the pilots of the plane. Our managers control all physical aspects of the building from audio, video, lighting,and HVAC. They help bands/ DJ connect to our audio system and perform crucial sound checks, project your logo on our wall, set your desired lighting color and brightness, etc. They are onsite the entire day. It is critical to have one! Here's an article for further reading.

What is host liability insurance (and why should I care)?

Host insurance is your liability insurance for your event. It's separate from the insurance carried by Clementine and your vendors (which we verify separately). It's required by (almost) all venues.

We purchase a $1 mm liability policy, which includes liquor liability, for you. This means that the premium is built into your rental fee and you won't be shopping for insurance that you have to deliver to your venue. We keep it simple.

Do we have to clean the building?

No. Take your personal effects, alcohol and wedding presents and you're set.

How much ice do you have onsite?

Excellent question, glad you asked. 250 lbs, but there's more to the story of where venues disguise costs.


Are you dog friendly?

Yes we are (we have Great Danes). You're welcome to bring your dog, but after the ceremony they need an Uber home. We aren't a kennel.

Do you require a dance floor?

Yes. Dance floors protect our hardwood floors, gently nudge your guests to dance, and tell them where it is okay to dance. All very important when you think about it.

Do you allow smoking?

Outside yes, and we have receptacles for the butts. Cigar bars are nice in the courtyards and we see them fairly frequently.

Are there rules related to candles?

Candles are lighting and lighting makes the event, so they're important. They do have to be in votives/vases.

Do you have noise limitations?

No concerns here, we've never had an issue.

Is security required?

We currently do not require that an event obtain security, and truthfully we've never needed it in 10 years. After all, we have Metro, Vandy and Park police covering our area.

Do you allow sparklers (for a send-off)?

No, but this is due to restrictions imposed by Davidson County, not our choice. If a venue in Nashville tells you otherwise, think twice.