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Ruby is a gem of an event space.

But, we'll never tell you why we call her Ruby.

Beautiful in her simplicity, and yet modern for her age. Flirty but deadly-serious, just like your favorite little black dress. Ruby is a vintage space that’s been renovated with a timeless classiness specifically for social gatherings in Nashville. Indoor and outdoor spaces.  Excellent for concerts, weddings and other events.

A bit more about Ruby

Ruby was a derelict building when we redesigned and rebuilt her in 2011. Ever since, Ruby has has been an integral part the historic Hillsboro Village neighborhood. And being directly across the street from Vanderbilt University in midtown, Ruby seems to be near to everything in Nashville.

Perhaps Ruby's singular triumph is its location within a Nashville city park, what all who know her refer to as Dragon Park. The advantage of being an oasis in the park in the middle of the city is clear the moment you arrive. Decks and courtyards ring the historic structure are are used for bars, catering and everything else that benefit from the outdoors.

Our focus on venue architecture and design elevates the space to what we believe to be among the finest wedding, corporate, music, and non-profit venues in Nashville. The extensive use of hardwoods, concrete and Venetian plaster combine to create a space that is interchangeably described by our clients as historic, industrial and contemporary. Perhaps because we are in Music City, we chose to deliver the most comprehensive, integrated audio, video and lighting systems of all Nashville venues. And because we own the property, we were able to restore the building to an exceptional level of quality. After all, we think of ourselves as architects, designers and engineers.

We truly understand that most people who wish to plan an event are starting from scratch. You may need to become an event expert in short order. To assist in that effort, we think that you'll find all of the information you seek about Ruby here on our website. This includes our rates, dates, FAQs, and even a blog that covers architecture, design and what we think makes our venues unique in the Nashville market and how to go about selecting your venue.

What should you expect from us at Ruby? It's an important question to ask of an independent venue. We believe in simplifying the venue experience for our clients at every opportunity - and once you begin planning, you will likely become an ardent proponent of this philosophy. Freedom to achieve a boutique, one-of-a-kind event is another tenant we hold dear. And of course integrating all of the complex audio, lighting and other systems into our design in our hallmark.

We hope to see you for a tour Ruby soon. And for an illuminating experience, make us the last stop on your venue circuit.


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Clementine is a focus on design and facility, and how they work together.  The building is comprised of:

To appreciate how well these areas work together, you'll need to see Ruby in person. Ruby's capacity depends upon many variables, but generally the maximum capacity of the Hall is 130 for a seated dinner, 110 for a seated wedding reception with dance floor, and 175 for a ceremony/ concert. Maximum capacity at Ruby is 200 for a reception.


The stuff you really want to know.

What's included

Add-on's make you crazy? (Us too.) We've included all of the below, and we don't have extra menu options after the fact.  If it's building related, Ruby probably has it. This is what is included:
  • 1 large indoor spaces: Brash Hall
  • 2 large outdoors spaces: Treehouse Courtyard & Park Courtyard
  • Dressing room
  • Galley catering kitchen and ice maker
  • Audio system
  • Lighting systems - color selectable wall & ceiling
  • Image projection - for event branding
  • BYO alcohol
  • Host liability insurance
  • Venue manager
  • WiFi
  • Clean-up post event
  • Taxes, card fees
We have a largely open vendor policy as long as your proposed vendor is a true business. To help with your vendor selection, we publish a long list of approved vendors.


Rental rates are based upon the day of the week. There are no peak or off-peak rates.
  • Mon-Thrs: $4,300
  • Fri: $5,200
  • Sat: $6,800
  • Sun: $4,400
  • Peak Saturdays (Sept, Oct & Nov): +$500
  • Holiday weekend Sunday: +$1000
  • Late departure (12 pm - 1 am): +$500
  • M-F corporate events, 7 am - 5 pm (6-hr min): $350/ hr.
  • NYE: $9,000
Here's a guide to understanding venue pricing.

Payment of full rental fee is due at time of booking.

Event window

Event times vary by day of the week (except of course for hourly events):
  • Mon-Thrs: 12 hours (noon - midnight)
  • Fri & Sat: 14 hours (10 am - midnight)
  • Sun: 10 hours (2 pm - midnight)

Available Dates

Contract and payment reserve a date.

Our schedule has now been re-opened with the lifting of restrictions on gatherings. We book events up to 18 months in the future.

Tour Ruby


Tours at Ruby

We'd like to meet you and show you Clementine. Before booking, please check our rates and available dates and capacity. We book tours up to two weeks out; for tours farther out, please email us. We show Ruby for events to be held within the next 18 months.

If you already have an event booked at Ruby and wish to come back for a site visit, please book an appointment here.

Clementine Hall

Clementine Hall, like Ruby, was designed by Dragon Park and has the same attention to architectural detail and systems. Clementine is about twice the size and capacity of Clementine, with a historic brick design.  Clementine is surrounded by a private courtyard that fronts Richland Park, in Sylvan Park / Nations location in midtown Nashville. The following are some recent images at Clementine.