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excitement reigns and it's time to start planing the wedding. A quick and internet search is in order. Wedding Venues Near Me. Makes sense.

Assuming you do this in Nashville, you may quit when you see the results and move onto something more productive. The explosion of red dots on the map are intimidating. Usually, wedding planning begins by selecting a venue, so being overwhelmed at the outset is not a good beginning.

Don't despair, this list can be culled quickly and without visiting numerous venues. A first pass easily eliminates all the non-venues that show up - the wedding planners, wedding chapels, etc.

A second pass eliminates the categories of venues that are not of interest to you, which may be hotels, museums, arboretums, plantations, country clubs or farms. This is a critical step as each category has too many locations to reasonably consider or visit.

If you know your own mind, you may be able to save a lot of time by picking a single category and exclude the rest. I would put Clementine Hall and Ruby firmly into the independent wedding venue category in Nashville. If you take this path, then you've just reduced the list to perhaps 15 venues! It's a great start, really.

A third pass is likely a mix of aesethic, practical and vendor/cost considerations. First, address the appearance of the venue. Don't believe the pictures posted by venue. Even the least attractive venues produce pretty pictures when cropped just right. The rule I suggest is if you don't like the pictures presented, cross off the venue. Google Street View the venue and look at the neighbors and the view from the venue.

Second, address the practical considerations. Where is the venue located? Is it large enough for my expected number of guests? Does it function well as a ceremony and reception venue? Does it have outdoor areas? Are these areas usable in inclement weather? Does it have parking, dressing rooms, catering kitchen? Do I need security or valet?

Third, address the cost and how outside vendors are considered. This is such a sticky issue we have entire articles dedicated to the topics.

If you're focused on the independent venues in Nashville, this should produce a list of 2 to 4 venues that you may want to visit. Pay close attention to a venue's capacity for the type of event that you wish to hold. It doesn't make sense to visit a venue that is too big or especially too small simply because you find it attractive.

Regardless of the type of venue, or even types of venues, you're considering, this process of narrowing the wedding venues should produce a short list of venues you should actually tour.

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