Jul 5, 2021

Venue Manager vs. Coordinator

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e're often asked, "Do we need a Coordinator?" and "What does the Venue Manager do?"and "Are the two the same thing?" Each roll is completely separate, though they are the two most important functions during any event.

Your Coordinator (or Planner)

Yes, a coordinator is required. An event without one is, well, uncoordinated. Hosts may have a month of coordinator or full blown planner, we simply want the logistics of the day executed to plan.

Coordinators are onsite for the entire event and control every aspect of the event, including floor plan, vendors, decoration, set-up/ breakdown - everything. They are like the conductors of the orchestra. A great coordinator will make life easy for you. It's really easy for coordinators to hang a shingle, so pick wisely. And given their importance, they must be professional coordinators in order to avert a disaster to both the event and our reputation. We do have a list of recommended coordinators with which you should start.

Clementine's Venue Manager

The Venue Manager is what we refer to as the pilot to the plane. That person controls all the "levers" of the building, including the audio, video, lighting and HVAC systems. Call them a building tech. Given their importance, it's great having one onsite for the duration of an event. Kinda like having a pilot if you're flying.

Our venue managers will, among other things, assist DJs/ Bands connect to our audio system and help perform a sound check, project an event image on our walls or dancefloor/ entry, and set a desired lighting color with our extensive LED atmospheric lighting. They can also answer your vendors' questions.

Our venue managers are all well qualified, so there is no need to know who will be there for your event. Our venue manager will work closely with the coordinator at the event.

And to drive home our pilot analogy, here's a clip of the great Bobby Darin singing Ruby Baby (after our other venue of course) as he drinks a cocktail and flies the plane, with the window open. We aspire to fly like Dion.

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