Jun 27, 2021

Understanding Venue Pricing

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f you're like most of our wedding or event clients, you're planning your first event. You're recently engaged or have decided upon an event and are not thrust into the reality of unraveling the hidden costs and sorting through the many line items of venues. You have to become an expert on overnight - or at least before you book your venue. Venues pricing is notoriously opaque and most venues in Nashville aren't going to help educate you.

To start - our simple model

When comparing our venue cost to another's, our part is easy. At our venues we charge only one number. We call it a venue rental fee, and it includes everything we offer. Everything.

We're frequently asked - Does that include cleanup? A manager? Taxes? Audio, Video, Lighting? Credit card fees? Insurance? The answer is yes. We don't have a shopping cart on our website since there's nothing to add. We don't do proposals since there is only one number to know, and our rates are on our website.

Now, compare Dragon Park's rates to the other venues

Here, we can only to point you to the individual costs often charged separately by venues. To a venue rental fee you will often need to add these and other items: food and bar bar minimums; audio, video, and lighting lighting; audio/ video techs; security; parking/ valet; insurance; cleanup; venue manager; and taxes and credit card fees. The result is often a complicated mathematics exercise. Once you manage to demystify a venue's cost, you'll likely find that a once attractive rental fee just got a lot higher.

The cost of a managed bar (not BYOB) plus audio, video, lighting, parking, insurance, venue manager and security will often triple a venue's published rental fee.

What about "all-Inclusive" venues?

We are often asked, "Are tables and chairs included?". This indicates that the client may be considering so-called "all-inclusive" venues. "All-inclusive" is a term created by the hotels, county clubs, and other venues that include food, bar and often tables. It sounds great! Who wouldn't want all-inclusive? It implies simplicity and value.

But all-inclusive venues rarely provide simplicity or value. "All-inclusives" typically provide food, beverage and seating at high cost and limited if any selection.

Oddly, all-Inclusive venues are also not really all-inclusive. Hosts still need to provide their our own band/DJ, florist, photographer, coordinator, transportation, parking, etc. Hosts will also likely need to supply expensive, complicated to design, and time-consuming to set-up/ take-down audio, video, and lighting.

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