Dec 18, 2021

How We Balance Vendor Choice and Quality

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ur vendor approach is a boutique one that is based upon three ideas. First, we think that our clients should have great freedom in choosing their vendors. This enables them to have the product, service, and price that they prefer. Second, we think that our clients should be able to make their vendor decisions in a way that is fun and efficient. That means not making them sort through and research a hundred local caterers. Third, we think that the vendors selected should be of a quality that contributes to a successful wedding or other event (and does not reflect poorly upon us!).

Our vendor approach is to present our clients with a large list of approved vendors in every necessary category. These vendors have been to Dragon Park's venues many times and have performed admirably. We're happy to recommend them.

Your event deserves great vendors. You likely have one shot at your event, especially if its a wedding. This is not the time to take vendor chances. Weddings and other events are all comprised of many vendors no matter which venue you select. Unsurprisingly, many hospitality vendors you may find are new, inexperienced, and uninsured - and frankly, not great. Merely being in business is not a sufficient quality standard on which you should rely. In addition to making your event a mess, marginal vendors consume a lot of your and our time leading up to an event and cause everyone considerable stress. Even a good vendor operating in a venue that is new to them is not an ideal situation.

Our approved vendor list is larger than most other venue's lists. Although there are lots of options in every category, there are not so many that we've created a lot of work for our hosts.

We value freedom and individuality, which we think are indispensable to a boutique event. Some vendors will go, and new vendors will be added. We believe that our curate list of vendors is the finest in Nashville and greatly benefits our clients.

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