Dec 18, 2021

How We Balance Vendor Choice and Quality

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or 10 years we have allowed vendors who are in business to come to Ruby and more recently to Clementine. The thousands of vendors who have come to our venues as a result have given events held here a very unique, personalized style. But as the number implies, it's often chaotic.

The very nature of the event industry lends itself to many vendors who are new, unproven, and uninsured - or frankly, not great. Merely establishing that a vendor is in business has proven to be too low of a threshold to ensure the quality our clients expect and deserve. In addition to making the event a mess, marginal vendors consume a lot of our clients' time leading up to an event and cause clients a considerable amount of stress. This has run counter to our venues' goal of designing complex, boutique events simply.

Further, over the past decade, we have a good handle on who the capable, considerate, and professional vendors are in the Nashville market. Of course, we also know which ones our clients have selected often, which says a lot about the quality of these vendors.

Beginning in 2022, our clients will select from a large list of curated vendors published on our website. Since the list is a large one (at least at the outset), clients will have a wide selection while having confidence in the capability of their vendors.

We expect our approved vendor list to be larger than other venues' lists. We value freedom and individuality, which we think are indispensable to a boutique event. Some vendors will go, and new vendors will be added. But we will endeavor to curate a list of vendors we believe to be the finest in Nashville.