Downtown Venue or Boutique Venue Near Downtown?

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ome tourists come to Nashville primarily for the lower Broadway honkey tonk experience. And everyone who comes to Nashville for a wedding or corporate event will end up visiting the busy downtown street.

Unlike seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, a trip downtown is actually fun. Music in every storefront, drinks, and throngs of people every single day of the week. So many people that locals usually avoid downtown with the exception of a Predators game or a concert at the Ryman.

Most wedding or out-of-town guests at an event will go downtown after the party for a change of scenery. But, if the venue is downtown - or worse if the hotel is downtown - the overstimulation can be intense and prolonged for guests. From the initial car traffic and the paid parking garage to the festival sized crowds and noise, the senses are definitely heightened.

One or more days downtown is like the same duration  in Las Vegas.

The alternative to a downtown venue, but recognizing the fact that guests will go downtown after your event, is to select a venue near downtown, but not actually downtown. Of course near is relative. You probably don't want guests traveling from a distant farm venue to downtown late at night.

For this reason, we locate our venues near downtown and hotels, but not outside of Nashville. It's convenient for guests and also for their sanity.