Why We're Looking For a New Church Partner

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here aren't many Nashville event and wedding venues that choose to have a church meet in their buildings on Sundays. After all, Sundays are often wedding days, which means business as usual.

But we've always viewed having an established urban Nashville church at our venues as important. For one thing, our buildings were previously churches, the Blakemore Primitive Baptist in the case of Ruby and the West Nashville Methodist in the case of Clementine. This means it makes sense for a church to meet here. The look, floor plan, and neighborhoods where we're located  work well from a church perspective. From our perspective, well, we think an historic building should serve its original purpose. We like the life a congregation brings to our old buildings - the many young people, the signing, the faith and optimism and of course the spirit of God. It must be like having grand kids.

For another thing, we've figured out how to make things work well for our church tenants as well as our Sunday evening clients. We've delved deeply into the needs of our churches over the years and structured an offering that makes their lives easy. From intricate audio, video and lighting systems to chairs on rolling carts - we've thought through the logistics.

The Covid years of 2020 and 2021 set back Nashville churches more than most know. With churches re-opened, their struggle to get parishioners back in the pews. Our church at Clementine stopped meeting right away and stayed with remote services for well over a year, by which time we had both long moved on. Ethos Church returned to holding their services at Ruby in mid 2021.

In normal circumstances, Clementine would see churches lining up to move into the beautiful space. We hope to find a church partner at Clementine soon.

If you know a church that is looking for a home in the vibrant Sylvan Park / The Nations neighborhoods, please have them look at our church information packet here. Thank you.