Sep 1, 2021

Before & After - Clementine's Entry

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part from the experience entring the walled courtyard, Clementine's vestibule sets guests' expectation for the rest of the property.


Clementine's entry serves the same purpose and occupies the same footprint as the original church entry. The church replaced the original 1889 entry with the larger one in 1957 after some storms weakened the bell towner that was replaced at the same time. Walls and ceilings were white and the floor and doors were light wood. Overall the experience was what one would expect from 1957, unoffensive but dated and unappealing.

Issues & Plan

After removing the mechanical ducting and concrete slurry on the walls, we uncovered the original brick, which raised several challenges. A large hole in the brick wall for the return air ducts had to be filled. We also discovered the location of the original entries into the sanctuary, which for us required returningthe doorways Adelaide Hall to their original locations.

We wanted to add significantly more natural light to the space. We added a large skylight which had the added benefit of enabling guests to look up at original facade which is washed in light at night. The entry doors and doors into Adelaide Hall were replaced with doors with larger glass panels.

To set the stage for the rest of Clementine, we introduced our prevalent color, black. The brick and concrete walls were painted black and much of the fall facing those who enter is comprised of original school chalkboard slate panels, which maintained the black palette, but enables calligraphers to create chalk artworks. Black and gold wallpaper on the ceiling introduces guests to our extensive use of the material. The black steel doors with brass handles reinforces the color scheme that is used throughout.

Functionally, we added four coat areas and what we call Mission Control, the nerve center for our audio, video, lighting and other systems.

After removal of concrete slurry and HVAC ducting between the entries
After removal of concrete slurry and HVAC ducting between the entries
View toward the Bird Room
View toward the Bird Room


The black herring bone marble floor and inlaid marble CLEMENTINE letting brand the entry with a polished look. Recesed contemporary LED stip lighting creates a glow in the room. Flanking dark walnut doors, walnut paneling in the coat alcoves with inlaid brass introduce another material we use throughout. The ability to project an image onto the slate walls introduces the guest to the extensive systems they will find upon entering.

Welcome to Clementine!
Welcome to Clementine!
Skylight and shadows
Skylight and shadows

Today, couples always pose in the entry in front of the Clementine sign. The lighting is ever changing and always dramatic.

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