Sep 23, 2021

Before & After - Clementine's Bird Room

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he Bird Room is our only dressing room on the main level and is just off the entry. Its often used by bride's due to both its styling and its location at the head of the aisle, regardless of the layout of the ceremony. But it's also used by musicians, speakers, committes, you name it.


When we walked into what would become the Tiger Room, it was a just white box. In 1957, storms weakened the church's bell tower, which was subsequently replaced with what was called the Benton Chapel. In 2017, it was a largely empty carpeted room with an office tile ceiling.

Bell tower circa 1890
The bell tower ca. 1890
The bell tower ca. 1940
The bell tower ca. 1940

Issues & Plan

The primary issue with the chapel was that it was a white box, a room without historic merit or architectural details with which to build. With the absence of any design inspiration, we focused on programatic issues such as a W.C. within the dressing room, hair and make up stations, and a food and beverage area.

We knew clients would be spending a significant amount of time in the room so we wanted to create distinct seating areas and provide the amenities found in our other dressing rooms such as TV, WiFi, and music. It was important to bring us much natural light into the space for hair and makeup purposes but also for a cheery disposition. Occupants of the room now are able to look down on 48th Street below through one window and into the courtyard through the other. They have complete privacy, but also know what is happening with respect to their event.

Post demolition, room definition takes shape
Post demolition, room definition takes shape
A bit further along
A bit further along


After stripping the room to the framing, we added the bathroom and the other elements. Half of the room has the namesake bird wallpaper (and, keeping the theme, the bathroom has our ostrich wallpaper). A blue wainscoting, along with a blue-grey slate tile, ties the room together. And, of course, we couldn't resist addicting the homage to Clementine.

Seating area in the Bird Room
Seating area in the Bird Room, 2019
A fine place to hang out
A fine place to hang out, 2019

Today, bridesmaids will often dress, bring in their hair and makeup artists, and eat lunch in the room, and generally make a day of it.

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