Audio Specifications

This information is what your band or DJ will want to know. That said, we do not read band or DJ contracts for compliance with our venue policies.

Load-In / Load-Out

Load-in/ out parking is behind Ruby.  Entry is through the back doors.  Wheeled carts may only enter through the side deck doors.  Busses, band member's cars, etc. must re-park at the designated lot away from the building.


Load-in and load-out often must occur in a span of as little as an hour.

Dressing & Restrooms

Ruby has one dressing room available to the client.  It has a bathroom.  To use the dressing room, you must have the client's approval.


Storage is minimal at Ruby and gear generally must be stored in your vehicle.


Any lighting, signage/ displays, etc. must be approved by Clementine as well as the client.


Ruby does not provide microphones, cabling, physical mixing boards, monitors or other band equipment other than the amplification/ speakers.


Sound mixing ability and a sound check are required.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

DJs acknowledge that a soundcheck has been completed to their satisfaction and that of the client.  DJs must use their own speakers if the soundcheck is not completed to our satisfaction.


Ruby does not provide a stage as the room is small (54' x 31').   If you require a stage, inform the client and give them the needed dimensions.

Most bands or DJs set up on the narrow wall opposite the entry or on the long wall as there are mixer inputs at both locations (10 channels on narrow wall, 2 on long wall).

Each of these locations has 2 medium JBL speakers above (4 total in room, 2 zones).


Each of the two common band/ DJ locations have at least 3 circuits.

Band Set-Up

Bands set up in one of the following 3 ways:

1. Ruby Mixing Board - Use our in-wall mixing board, our mains and subs, and mix from our dedicated band iPad.

2. Band's Mixing Board - Use your board and run XLR output to our mains.  (You may use our subs and add your speakers if you think necessary.)

3. Band's PA System - Use your board, mains, and subs.  NOTE:  This takes more time to set up, doesn't look great.

iPad Mixing

If you use Ruby's mixing board, you may download Mackie's Master Fader app and connect to the house system (you must be connected to Ruby's WiFi).

Band Size

Given the size of the room, we recommend that bands not exceed 5 members.

Monitors, Subs

Ruby does not supply monitors or subs.


Almost all DJs use our mains.  Please be prepared to connect to our board which requires an XLR input.  A Direct Box is often required to connect to your device.

We will set channel and master volume and you may adjust the volume from your device.  You are responsible for the volume in the main room. Our system is mono, so only make ONE connection to our board.