Why Tiger?

Why not! It's often a groom's room and it's a darned solid animal. Perhaps suitably, the Tiger Rooms was once the mechanical basement of the old church, and a scary one it was. Today, groomsmen and others will get dressed, eat lunch, play pool and drink bourbon here.


Where's the restroom?

It's just outside the door to the left.

Where can I find ice?

Upstairs behind the bar or in the room at the top of the stairs to the left.

What should we do for refrigeration?

You're welcome to use the fridge in the kitchen as the caterer will likely not arrive until later.

Where can we put out food?

You may spread food out on the credenza below the television. Please don't use the pool table for food + beverage.

Where should we park?

It's best to leave the spaces just outside the building for the vendors (caterer, bartender, etc.) to make their lives easier. Please park in the park across the street or in on-street parking.

How do I connect to WiFi?

Just scan the QR code on the column and go.

How do I use the TV?

It's internet TV, so log into any platform and go.

How does music work?

The music in the Tiger Room is the music playing throughout the building. We can turn up or off the volume as needed.

Can we lock the dressing room?

Of course, just ask us to lock/ unlock.

A humble request to guests of Clementine Hall
If you enjoy our venue - its design, history and how we present it, we would greatly appreciate you sharing your review with others. Before doing so, please know that Clementine Hall is responsible only for the building and it's intricate systems (audio, video, lighting, etc.), we do not provide the catering, bartending, alcohol, staffing, furniture, flowers, band/DJ, event planning, valet service, etc. So we ask that you please not review those services as part of your Clementine Hall review. Many thanks and enjoy the event!
- Best, Dan and Brenda Cook