There's More to the Story!

The story starts in 2017 with us trying to give the organ away, then goes international as a result of unexpected news coverage, and finally ends with notable Nashville musicians convincing us to restore it and keep it. Its such a long story that we wrote a blog about it, which you can find here as well as seeing many photos taken along the way.


Does the organ play?

Of course it plays, what would be the point otherwise! The organ is fully restored and sounds wonderful in Adelaide Hall. We provide a list of Nashville organists for our clients.

Is the organ original?

It's original to the building, yes, but it was added in 1905, 16 years after the church was constructed. The church could not afford the organ initially, but the building was built in anticipation of its addition.

What is the organ used for today?

The organ is popular for wedding ceremonies, but it is also popular for dinner hour. It can be played for any type of music.

A humble request to guests of Clementine Hall
If you enjoy our venue - its design, history and how we present it, we would greatly appreciate you sharing your review with others. Before doing so, please know that Clementine Hall is responsible only for the building and it's intricate systems (audio, video, lighting, etc.), we do not provide the catering, bartending, alcohol, staffing, furniture, flowers, band/DJ, event planning, valet service, etc. So we ask that you please not review those services as part of your Clementine Hall review. Many thanks and enjoy the event!
- Best, Dan and Brenda Cook