An Archaeological Surprise

When we started to peel away the faux wood walls in the minister's office, we didn't expect to find much other than the brick walls. What we did find was the minister's original fireplace and plaster surface over the brick.


The green tile and plaster wall was in rough shape having been buried in the wall for 60 years. The tile was not salvageable, so we replaced the tile with marble. We also performed a minimal restoration of the plaster wall so as not to disguise the fact that it had been buried in a wall for some 70 years.


After a few years, we noted that many events were decorating the plaster wall with floral arrangements, neon signs, etc. We interpreted this as an indication that some clients thought we could do more with the fireplace.


But finding a period fireplace mantle that perfectly fit the space was tricky. In early 2023, we found a mantle that was native to Nashville and was of the exact dimensions needed. It took a family effort to install.

Fireplace construction


How is the fireplace decorated for events today?

Florists, photo booths operators and others seem to love decorating around the antique fireplace mantle. We often see lounge furniture around it as well (and the occasional tattoo table).

I have an event that I am planning! How can I arrange a tour?

Great, we'd love to show you around. Simply select the "Come See Clementine" bubble on our website to pick a date and time to visit!

A humble request to guests at Clementine Hall
If you enjoy our venue - its design, history and how we present it, we would greatly appreciate you sharing your review with others. Before doing so, please know that Clementine Hall is responsible only for the building and it's intricate systems (audio, video, lighting, etc.), we do not provide the catering, bartending, alcohol, staffing, furniture, flowers, band/DJ, event planning, valet service, etc. So we ask that you please not review those services as part of your Clementine Hall review. Many thanks and enjoy the event!
- Best, Dan and Brenda Cook