Welcome to Clementine!

Upon arrival, please let the venue manager know if you do not find the bar in a clean condition.

It is truly great having you in our space! As one of a small number of approved vendors, we have some requests of you in order to keep Clementine clean for the next event.

Trash: Remove all trash. Break down boxes and put other trash in trash bags (found on the shelves) before putting them in the dumpster in the alley. It is imperative that you break down boxes as we may have multiple events in a row and boxes will fill the dumpster. Rinse garbage cans in the kitchen. (Hose adapter for the sink is on the wall by the sleeves.)

Counters / Sinks: Wipe down the counters, shelves and other flat surfaces, including inside the cooler and cubbies.  Finish with the beeswax on the stainless surfaces for a nice shine.

Walls: Wipe off any spills.

Ice machine: Leave ice scoop on the top of the ice machine, NOT in it.

Floors: Sweep + mop. Use the floor mop pad and the laminate floor cleaner in the under sink cabinet.

Remove: All alcohol must be boxed and removed together with all other items.

CHECK-OUT with venue manager before leaving. We appreciate you + look forward to seeing you soon!


What if we need something?

If you have any question, ask the venue manager. Need microfiber towels, broom or mop? Where's the bathroom (downstairs by the kitchen)?

Can we leave before the event is over?

If beverage service is over and you've checked out with the venue manager, then yes. Otherwise, we require at least a skeleton crew to bus beverages.

Can we put out a tip jar?

Sorry, but we do not allow tip jars.

Can we use the dressing room?

The dressing rooms are for client and band use only, sorry.

Where should we park?

Staff should park in Richland Park or on the street well away from the building so that guest may park closer.