The heart of Clementine Hall

Adelaide Hall is the original structure at Clementine Hall and was built in 1889.


What is Adelaide Hall used for today?

As Clementine Hall's largest room, Adelaide Hall is used for just about everything. It's often used for both a wedding ceremony and reception, corporate events, charity galas, concerts, well....everything. Since the acoustics of the room are so go, bands and DJs often play the room. The space has incredible audio, lighting and video systems which are required for almost every type of event.

Did you do anything to the space during reconstruction?

Yes, just about everything. The rafters and structure are original, but everything was restored structurally, and we think vastly improved. To give a sense of the scope of the redesign, people are often amazed that neither a single brick or the rafters were exposed prior to restoration. Please see the link to the before and after article above for more detailed description and photographs.

What can you tell me about the pipe organ?

That's another story, and a good one! Find the QR code next to the organ for that story.

What should a potential client know about the space?

Guests tend to absorbed in the historic brick, gothic window and rafter details of Adelaide Hall. But these looks and experience are accentuated by four critical systems that are rarely offered at venues: 1) the two stages, 2) a concert-quality audio system, 3) color selectable lighting throughout the space, and 4) video projection on the brick wall and floors to brand the space. All of these systems are critical for every event, and by being in place the client saves considerable design and set-up time as well as cost.

Adelaide Hall is also, perhaps uniquely to the Nashville market, able to host wedding ceremonies and receptions owing to its suitable design as well as the logistics of staging furniture in the adjacent store room and hosting a cocktail reception in the adjoining Little Bird Lounge.

A humble request to guests of Clementine Hall
If you enjoy our venue - its design, history and how we present it, we would greatly appreciate you sharing your review with others. Before doing so, please know that Clementine Hall is responsible only for the building and it's intricate systems (audio, video, lighting, etc.), we do not provide the catering, bartending, alcohol, staffing, furniture, flowers, band/DJ, event planning, valet service, etc. So we ask that you please not review those services as part of your Clementine Hall review. Many thanks and enjoy the event!
- Best, Dan and Brenda Cook