e think of this guide as holding all truths, or at least the answers we've accumulated over the years.  Consult it as needed and share liberally with you family, friends and colleagues.  It's organized alphabetically (except for the first subject). If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, contact us.

Ruby, our sister venue

We have another venue that you may have heard of,  RUBY,  in Hillsboro Village.   Perhaps you're in need of a smaller space than Clementine, or prefer the atmosphere of the park that surrounds Ruby. Or maybe need a second venue for your current event (rehearsal dinner), or are looking ahead for a future event.   If so, look to Ruby (RubyNashville.com).  If you book both venues now, we’ll wheel and deal.  If you use Ruby for a next event, we’ll consider you an old returning client (with benefits).  Regardless, know that Ruby has the exact same policies that you'll enjoy at Clementine. Cheers.


Clementine has concert-quality audio in Adelaide Hall, and zoned audio throughout the property.
  • In-House Audio.  Clementine has two (2) banks of speakers in Adelaide Hall (one in front of each stage) and six (6) zones throughout the premises to control audio as you require.  Connection to our audio system using a personal device (i.e. phone, tablet) is wired (AUX connection). Bands, DJs or microphones can plug into our system using XLR jacks (3 areas of Adelaide Hall and in one location in Little Bird Lounge).
  • Microphones.  We have two wired microphones, with stands, for use by the host. Microphone cables are about 20 feet long.
  • Bands/DJs.  Bands/ DJs can use our audio system, or use their own amplification (though speakers brought in are generally unattractive, take up space, and require time to set up and take down). At minimum, bands must provide a line-out in order to provide music throughout the property. Bands/DJs use their own cabling, physical mixing board (we provide iPad for wireless mixing, if desired), microphones/stands and knowledge of how to operate them.  Tape may not be used to secure cords to the floor (it all leaves a mark).  Lights, displays, tables, etc. brought in by a DJ or band must be approved by you and by Clementine.  (There are some Bands/ DJs out there that get crazy with flashy lights.) Bands cannot have more than 10 members due to stage size.
  • Sound Check and Audio Tech. Bands/DJs must perform a sound check well before the start of an event. Our audio system is quite good as are the room acoustics, so its a shame if a band/ DJ makes a mess of it.  We only see this happen when they don’t perform a sound check (at volume and with the actual music they’ll be playing) or if they don’t have their own audio technician.  We assist with the basics - setting master and channel volume, etc., but their mix is up to the band.  If we determine that they don’t have sound check capability, we will be sure to let you know.  For this reason, we’ve barred a fair number of DJs from returning.


  • Marble Bar.  Clementine’s 20-foot bar in Little Bird Lounge has 2 ice wells, ice machine (130 lb), 90” under-counter refrigerator, and sink.  It accommodates four (4) bartenders.  Bartenders clean the bar area at the end of the event.
  • BYO.  Alcohol at Clementine is BYO—you buy it and bring it, and since you own it you take what's left.  Alcohol can be dropped off as early as the day / load in time of your event and must be removed immediately following the event.  We cannot legally store alcohol overnight, so alcohol left after an event is promptly discarded.
  • Approved Bartenders. Tennessee requires that all alcohol be served by an ABC certified and insured bartender.  Events may use bartenders provided by a caterer or bartending from the approved vendor list  Caterers providing bartenders must have liquor liability on their insurance.
  • Bar Staff.  Clementine must approve the number of bar staff (bartenders and bar-backs/ waitstaff) hired to avert untended bars and provide adequate guest service, bar stocking, bussing and cleaning.  Any untended bars will be shut down for the remainder of the event to comply with TN law.  Bartenders clean their work areas and collect and dispose of all glassware and bottles before departing.
  • Bar Supplies.  Bartenders bring their own supplies, including coolers, mixers, garnish, etc.  Bartenders bring their own bar mats to protect our wood floors.
  • Bar Refrigerator and Ice Machines. Clementine has 2 ice machines (670 lbs total).  If you ice kegs or multiple coolers, it’s conceivable that you may need more.  Beer and wine placed in the bar cooler should be cold before stocking as a full refrigerator of warm alcohol will take several hours to cool.
  • Kegs.  Kegs are allowed indoors at Clementine, but require a keg receptacle for icing.  Kegs and keg receptacles leak, so get a leak-proof one to avoid damaging our heart pine floors. Kegs may not be left on property overnight.
  • Trash.  Boxes have to be broken down and placed, along with bagged trash, in the dumpster behind the building. All bar trash is cleared by the bartenders)  If boxes are not broken down and an extra dumpster service is required, you may be charged a fee.
  • Bars in Adelaide Hall.  We are not fans of physical bars brought into Adelaide Hall.  This area is already close to the large, fully functional bar in Little Bird Lounge.  Also, a bar in the main hall reduces space that may be used for other things and often bottlenecks guest flow who choose to go to this bar when they arrive.  If you desire a second bar, consider putting it in the front courtyard, that’s always a crowd pleaser.


Clementine’s vestibule wall is lined with slate (antique school chalkboards).  We see a fair number of calligraphers. Only real chalk (not chalk pens or pencils) may be used on the wall.  Calligraphers must clean the slate after the event so that no text remains (or is ghosted). The width of the chalkboard wall, between the two sets of double doors, is 3' 7".

Cakes, Desserts

Cakes and dessert may be provided by the bakers who appear on the approved vendor list or from your caterer. Any other provider requires an application.


  • Caterers.  Selecting a caterer from the approved vendor list is the best way to go.   They’re the best we’ve seen - good food, experienced, and know our buildings and policies.
  • Catering Supplies.  Caterers bring their own supplies, including coolers, warming units, etc.
  • Catering Staff.  Clementine must approve the number of servers / bus-staff scheduled for a new caterer so we're assured the meal service and clearing will be professionally managed. The level of service reflects upon us as well as your event.
  • Loading / Unloading.  Service access into the building is through two doors on the side of the building on 48th Street, both of which offer direct access to the catering kitchen.
  • Drop Off Food.  Drop off food is not allowed as events need to be well tended and that requires wait and bus staff.
  • Trash.  Boxes will be broken down and placed, along with bagged trash, in the dumpster behind the building.  All catering trash is cleared before  caterers depart. If boxes are not broken down and an extra dumpster service is required, you may be charged a fee.


  • The Flip.  Clementine manager(s) transition building related items (sound, video, lighting) during the flip. The rest of the flip is performed by your vendors. A flip is required if you have over 75 guests.
  • Rehearsal.  The facility fee does not include a rehearsal the day before your event. Technical (as opposed to social) rehearsals may be held on the day of the event during contracted hours, if desired.  Rehearsals (not the dinners) are a thing of the past.  RIP.


  • Required.  Clementine requires use of a professional, dedicated coordinator for events. Think of it this way:  the orchestra needs a conductor and that conductor isn’t playing an instrument while they are conducting, nor are they part of the audience.

    The coordinator will be onsite when the facility is opened, be onsite when any vendors are present, and remain after guests have left the event and until all contracted vendors have departed and all decor has been removed and basic cleanup completed. And there needs to be enough of them to do the heavy lifting, such as getting a flip done in under an hour.  (Whew.  Long day for them!)  

    Your coordinator is responsible for managing your vendors; the event schedule; setup and decorating for the event; and emptying the facility of all materials, including alcohol, food, and decorations.  The coordinator cannot be an immediate relative of the client, member of the wedding party, the bride or groom or anyone attending the party as a guest.
  • Use the Approved List or Your Own.  We provide a list of approved coordinators on this site, however, you are able to use your own professional coordinator. An application is required, but we do not charge the coordinator the application fee. If selecting a coordinator who is not on our list, please make sure they have an annual insurance policy and have been to our venues before.
  • Transition/Flip.  The transition/ flip from ceremony to reception is a serious matter.   Your guests will hold us accountable though we play only a small role.   If a flip takes over 1 hour, your guests will become hungry and agitated.  For that reason, we will hold your coordinator to a 1 hour flip time.


Decor is a catch-all term for lighting, table settings, drapery, flowers, etc.   We only provide the former.  The rest is provided by your rental company, florist, etc.
  • Draping, Floral - From the Ceiling:  The beams in Adelaide Hall are 21’ off the floor.  The antique wood floors at Clementine cannot support a drivable lift.  These challenges, paired with set event times, require intimate knowledge of the facility.  For these reasons, we ask that you to use a vendor from our list.
  • Brought-In.  You, or your florist, may bring in decor items.  You many not use nails, tape or other permanently marking items to adhere decor to walls or other areas. All decor can be dropped off and taken away within the contracted rental time of your event. Sorry, we can’t store it before or after your event.

Dressing Rooms

  • The Big 3:  Bird, Tiger & Flower.  These are considered private areas for use by the host or their vendors, not their guests.  They are not used for all events and often they are used only for storage of personal items. Once an event starts, the dressing rooms may no longer be used (other than for a band, changing clothes, etc).  Drop that thought of a VIP lounge, that's a nope.  The rooms need to be cleaned of trash and personal items before the event end.
  • Private Areas:  There are a few private rooms, manager’s office, mechanical, and storage areas which are off limits for events.  Only Clementine personnel may operate the audio/video, HVAC, and lighting systems and access the utility areas.

Floor Plan

A printable version of our floor plan may be found on our websites or at AllSeated.com (where you can obtain measurements and design your own floor plan).  Our approved rental companies can take your floor plan design and render it to scale too.  What looks good on paper may not work in practice.  Oh, and please don’t obstruct doorways and fire exit routes - though that’s usually kinda obvious.


Florists may use certain indoor or any outdoor areas (Adelaide Hall, Little Bird Lounge) to create arrangements with your permission. Florists should clean their workspace.  All vases, votives, and decor must be retrieved at the end of the event.  Candles must be enclosed in glass (with love, the fire marshall).

If you do not wish to use a florist from the approved vendor list, you may have your florist drop the floral at the building and have it brought into the space, setup, and removed by your event coordinator.


  • We Have It (and So Do You!).  Clementine carries liability insurance, of course, but our clients have it as well.  Host insurance is required for events at every location , but we include it in the rental fee.  
  • Your Vendors.  We require that Clementine be named as an additional insured on the annual (not one-day) liability insurance carried by vendors.  Vendors on our published vendor list have previously submitted their insurance to us, but that may need to be updated before your event. Prospective new vendors to Clementine will submit their insurance as part of their new vendor application.  For caterers who provide bartending, the caterer’s policy must include liquor liability.  All vendors are required to submit an application.  (Sometimes we hear that a vendor has never been asked for their insurance or that they don’t do enough work to get insurance.  That's kinda funny, but no.)  One-day policies are unacceptable as they can be obtained by anyone so are not helpful in determining the viability of the vendor.  Having insurance (an annual policy) is a very low threshold for determining if a vendor is actually in business, not to mention responsible.  An uninsured vendor transfers their liability in large part to you, the host.


Lighting is important for all events.
  • In-House Lighting.  Specialty lighting included in the rental fee (woohoo!) includes, LED wall down-lights, ceiling up-lights, and floor, organ and window lights.  LED lights can be the color of your choosing.  LED light setting can be complicated and is established on the Pre-Event Checklist, not on the day of the event.
  • Brought-In Lighting.  Lighting such as chandeliers, gobos, and washes/spots can be provided by a lighting vendor from our approved list. They are versed in our electrical systems and rigging.  Hosts may not supply their own lighting.  Our permanently affixed lighting may not be removed for your event.
  • String Lights.  String lights are not allowed in the Adelaide Hall (safety, set-up/take-down time, damage considerations), but may be hung in the Lounge or Courtyard.


We like work meetings about as much as you.  So we try to keep them to a minimum.
  • Site Visits.  We love it when clients are excited and want to come back to see us (or just Clementine).   Bring vendors, friends, family, gawkers.  That said, we wonder where the time goes when we visit.   So we hope that you’ll load up with the party bandwagon when you come and cut down on the sheer number of visits. Thanks.
  • That’s It, Really.  Of course before the event we’ll check in and take a read of the vitals (see Pre-Event Checklist), but we won’t keep dragging you in.


Clementine has a large outside courtyard with abundant built-in seating, 2 fountains and lighting. Since the outdoors may be important to your events, you may want to monitor the weather leading up to your event and make adjustments as needed related to use of the outdoor areas, heating/cooling, furniture, lighting, and valet services.

Parking, Rideshare & Valet

Public parking is available on-street as well as at Richland Park.  There are crosswalks across Charlotte Ave at 46th St. and 49th St.  Please remind your guests not to park in front of the library signs during library hours.  Reading is fun!  Getting towed is not.

There’s no off-loading, pick up of guests, or stopping for any reason (other than to park) on Charlotte Avenue. This can be an active street.  

No lane closures on Charlotte Ave are allowed, even if the City permits it as this negatively effects traffic flow and subsequently impacts our reputation with the neighborhood.  Shuttle companies/hotels should be notified in their contracts that drop offs occur on 48th Street.

Rideshare and shuttle transportation are always advisable. Rideshare and passenger drop-off/ pickup spaces are available on 48th Street.

Valet parking may be used on 48th Street. Clementine needs to approve the number of valets in order to help avert a traffic issue on Charlotte Ave.


Photographers may load in / out in our loading zone and re-park their vehicles.  Storage may be available in the dressing rooms, with client approval.  

In the client contract we require use of photos from all events for tasteful marketing use.

Pipe Organ

Our 1905 Kilgen & Son pipe organ in the main room is original to the building and is fully restored.  It is available to be played by experienced organists only.  It is an antique and may not be touched other than by an organist. We would love to hear her played at your event.

If not on the approved list, please have your organist approved by Clementine before you sign a contract with them.  As you may imagine, the pipe organ crowd can be a bit set in their ways.

Please advise guests to use good judgement and not employ the organ as photo booth, love seat or cocktail table (your humble curator).

Pre-Event Checklist

After you sign your contract, we may not see each other for a long time. (That’s on purpose, we try not to get in the way.) But, about 90-days before your event we’ll email you a checklist requesting some basic information.
  • Schedule.  We just need to know the basics.  Your coordinator will oversee the detailed schedule.  A Clementine manager will unlock / lock the building at your contracted time and be onsite during the event for any physical building needs. (Please confirm your vendors arrival is after the event start time.)  You have the building for your contracted time.  (Total time = set-up, event, and break-down/clean up). A charge will be assessed per hour for events that go over the allotted time.  If additional time is needed, this should be arranged in advance as extra hours may not be available last minute.
  • Vendor List.  We’ll want to know who they are, of course.  Any new vendors will need to follow the vendor application process for approval.


Most events here require that rentals items (furniture, tableware, linens, dance floor, etc.) be brought in.  This gives each event great design latitude.  
  • Vendors. You may use any of our approved rental companies.  These companies know our building and are respectful of it and our clients.  (Think of it like moving into and out of your home.  Every. Single. Day.)

    The rental company must have your final floor plan and schedule (including flip times).  All rental items must be taken away immediately after the event (and within the contracted event rental time).

    If an alternate rental company is absolutely required, and we agree, a fee will be charged for a pre-event orientation and oversight of the rental company during load-in and out.
  • Dance Floor. A dance floor is required for events with any dancing and the size of the floor must be approved.  A dance floor protects our antique heart pine floors, prompts your guests get up to dance, and keeps them dancing where you want them to dance. Dancing occurs only on the dance floor.  Its size depends upon the party size and the dance fever of the crowd. A 12‘x12’ floor is usually good for up to 125 guests, 16’x16’ for up to 175 guests, and 20’x20’ for up to 225 guests, though some events require larger floors. There’s no drinking on the dance floor (alcohol slip-n-slides are rarely the goal).


Clementine currently provides one security guard for most events, though this may change. We may require an event to provide additional security at its expense. When additional security is required or needed, you must use the approved vendor.


Sparklers and smoke bombs are not allowed at Clementine.   (Google "photographer burns hands on sparklers.") Sorry, just not worth the risk.  Lots of great options out there though.


We allow smoking/vaping (yes, that includes cigars) outdoor.  If it's a smoking crew, we ask that additional ash trays or cigarette receptacles be set out.


In a large room like Adelaide Hall, stages are are an often necessary way to elevate key components of an events such as bands/ DJs, wedding cakes, head tables, and the ceremony itself.
  • Side Stage.  This stage, centered with a beautiful gothic window, measures 20’x20’ and has four circuits as well as LED stage lighting comprised of spots and washes.  Rock on.
  • Organ Stage.  The front stage measures 22’x varied depth of 5’-9’. You can add a rental stage to the front of it as needed.  And, not to be left out, this stage also boasts four circuits and LED stage lighting.

Storage / Lost-and-Found

  • Before / After Event Times.  We cannot store any items from any vendors either before or after your contracted event time.
  • Lost-and-Found.   With very few exceptions, any personal items left after the event will be collected your coordinator.  Where that box of misfit toys goes after the event is anyone’s guess!

Transition / Flip

  • Who Does It?  All of your vendors will participate, but your rental company is the most critical as they move all furniture.  Your coordinator will oversee this process (or hold everything).
  • How long does it take?   A managed flip takes under an hour.   This is one reason why only some rental companies are allowed here.  Please do not have extended photo sessions in the area to be flipped as this will delay matters and irk your guests.   This is a critical time to meet; longer will reflect poorly on us.


  • Dumpster.  Your vendors may use the dumpster behind the building.  Boxes need to be broken down so that the dumpsters are not filled with empty boxes.  (Again with the boxes.)
  • Trash Cans.  We have trash cans available.  Trash must be bagged.  All trash cans are to be emptied by your vendors before your coordinator departs.  Caterers/bartenders rinse trash cans if needed after the event.


Clementine has cable TV in the 3 dressing rooms.  (Because, groomsmen and football.)   Hello - we cannot be responsible for cable outages. We all know what their customer service is like.


All vendors who enter the premises need to be approved well before the event.  Unapproved vendors are not allowed access to the space.  You may move forward with any vendor who appears on our approved list on our website. Please do not sign a contract with other vendors before we have approved them.  Vendors not on the approved list must submit their application for entry.


Five projectors are available to display your image.  Two are over the primary dance floor locations, one is on the entry wall into Adelaide Hall (most popular), another is on entry wall of the vestibule (also most popular) and the last is on the floor of the second entry.  The wood floor and brick backdrops are best suited to a design image rather than a photograph or video.  Upload your proposed image in your pre-event checklist for testing.


Yes, we have high-speed WiFi.