Audio Specifications

This information is what your band or DJ will want to know. We do not read band or DJ contracts for compliance with our venue policies, so they need to be aware that our policies supersede their contract.

Load-In / Load-Out

Load-in/ out parking is on Charlotte Ave. or on 48th St.  Entry is through the double doors leading into the lounge from front courtyard or the door on 48th (not through the 4 front doors).  Busses, band member's cars, etc. must re-park in free public spaces well removed from the building.


Load-in and load-out often must occur in a span of as little as an hour. We usually have a hard out at midnight. If load-out extends beyond the close time, the client will be charged a late fee.

Dressing & Restrooms

Clementine has three dressing rooms available to the client.  One has a bathroom, while the other two share a bathroom.  To use a dressing room, you must have the client's approval.  We ask that dressing rooms be returned to the condition in which they were delivered.


Clothing, instrument cases, etc. may be stored in the dressing rooms or lockers in the catering kitchen.


Any lighting, signage/ displays, etc. must be approved by Clementine as well as the client. Clementine provides colored up and down lighting as well as stage lighting, so band/DJ provided lighting may mix poorly with our house lighting. No lighting remote controllers may be used as they may change the address of our in-house lighting (yes, even if the lighting is from a different manufacturer).


Clementine does not provide microphones, cabling, physical mixing boards, monitors or other band equipment.  We do provide amplification/ speakers, subwoofers, and iPad interface to our mixing board.


Bands and DJs are expected to use our speakers (mains). This minimizes set-up/ tear down times (late load out will cost the client), frees the stage of valuable real estate for your singers/ musicians, and allows us to control the maximum volume, if necessary. Clementine must approve the use of a band's on DJ's speakers.


Sound mixing ability and a sound check are required.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Bands are required to have basic audio tech capabilities.  We are not your sound engineers. Bands and DJs must acknowledge that a soundcheck has been completed to their and the client's satisfaction, after which there may be no meaningful changes to the mix.

Audio Zones

There are zones throughout the facility (Adelaide Hall, Little Bird Lounge, downstairs, bathrooms, outdoors, etc).  Your music may be played throughout the facility; we will control the volumes in all zones.  Not plugging into our system limits your audio to Adelaide Hall and deprives the client of audio throughout the premises.

Stages (2)

Organ Stage (22' x 6 to 8') - 24 channels in/ 8 out.  There are 6 Renkus-Heinz CFX-101 LA mains in 2 arrays of 3 each above.  Each has own amp channel (3 Crown XTi-4002) supplying 650 watts to each speaker (3900 watts total).  Atop each array is a Renkus- Heinz CFX-15S8 15" sub which are tied to the main clusters (not controlled independently).  Both are fed from 1 Crown XTi-4002 amp supplying 1300 total watts, 650 watts/channel)

Side Stage (20' x 20') -  16 channels in/ 4 out.  There are 2 JBL AM5215 15” 2-way and 2 JBL C29AV1 8" 2-way mains above.  These are fed by a mono signal from one amp channel (Crown XTi-4002) supplying 1,300 watts (650 watts per box).

DJs may also plug into a channel on the East wall and in Little Bird Lounge.


The Side Stage has 4 electrical circuits (20 amp).

The Organ Stage has 3 electrical circuits (20 amp).

Clementine's Power for Bands and DJs

Band Set-Up

Bands set up in one of the following 3 ways:

1. Clementine Mixing Board - Use our in-wall mixing board, our mains and subs, and mix from our dedicated band iPad.

2. Band's Mixing Board - Use your board and run XLR output to our mains.  (You may use our subs and add your speakers if you think necessary.)

3. Band's PA System - Use your board, mains, and subs.  NOTE:  This takes more time to set up, doesn't look great and doesn't pipe your audio throughout the facility. We only allow this setup with special permission.

iPad Mixing

If you use option 1 above, we will give you an iPad already connected to our wifi and with Mackie’s MasterFader app resident. This app will allow you to mix your sound as desired. You may name this setup after your band for recall upon your next visit to Clementine. System EQ is internal to the Crown Amps and there is no access to this DSP.

Band Size

Given the size of the stages, we recommend that bands not exceed 10 members.


Band-supplied monitors must be active.


Clementine provides 2 QSC K-SUB dual 12" subwoofers for use at either stage. These are active cabinets with internal amps that supply 1,000 watts to each unit.


Almost all DJs use our mains and are expected to do so.  Please be prepared to connect to our board which requires an XLR input.  A Direct Box may be required to connect to your device. We will set channel and master volume and you may adjust the volume from your device.  You are responsible for the volume in the main room. Our system is mono, so only make ONE connection to our board.