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You gotta go your own way

Oh darling, Clementine Hall is a one of a kind, just like you.

Just a two-step away from downtown Nashville. Your heart will skip a beat when you see her beauty, but it's so much more than just skin deep. Included amenities give you the convenience to easily create your boutique wedding or event, without the hassles of a bare bones venue or the restrictions of an all-inclusive venue.

Clementine Hall is a smashing wedding and event venue where friends, family and hangers-on have been gathering, celebrating, falling in love and sometimes getting drunk, since 1889.  Lovingly restored and renovated indoor and outdoor spaces provide a brilliant foundation to express your individuality, so when your wedding, event or concert is over, you’ll be gone but not forgotten.

A bit more about Clementine Hall

As with our original venue, Ruby, we can never divulge the origin of her name; it will only ruin your imagination.

Clementine Hall was redesigned and rebuilt in 2018, 130 years after its original construction, by the designers of Ruby, which has been a staple of the Hillsboro Village neighborhood adjacent to Vanderbilt University since 2011. Clementine itself anchors the historic section of Sylvan Park that borders The Nations neighborhood. Clementine is near pretty much everything in Nashville.

Our years of venue experience with Ruby afforded us the insight into event facilities that translated to what we believe to be among the finest wedding, corporate, music, and non-profit venues in Nashville. Two large, distinctive interior spaces, three dressing rooms, a private outdoor courtyard and large catering kitchen check all boxes. Perhaps because we are in Music City, we chose to deliver the most comprehensive, integrated audio, video and lighting systems of all Nashville venues. And because we own the property, we were able to restore the building to an exceptional level of quality. After all, we think of ourselves as architects, designers and engineers.

We truly understand that most people who wish to plan an event are starting from scratch. You may need to become an event expert in short order. To assist in that effort, we think that you'll find all of the information you seek about Clementine Hall here on our website. This includes our rates, dates, FAQs, and even a blog that covers architecture, design and what we think makes our venues unique in the Nashville market and how to go about selecting your venue.

What should you expect from us at Clementine? It's an important question to ask of an independent venue. We believe in simplifying the venue experience for our clients at every opportunity - and once you begin planning, you will likely become an ardent proponent of this philosophy. Freedom to achieve a boutique, one-of-a-kind event  is another tenant we hold dear. And of course integrating all of the complex audio, lighting and other systems into our design is our hallmark.

We hope to see you for a tour Clementine Hall soon. And for an illuminating experience, make us the last stop on your venue circuit.


Events are an inherently visual experience, and are very much so at Clementine Hall where beautiful architecture and design and historic bones showcase every event.


A quick tour

Clementine is a focus on design and facility, and how they work together.  The building is comprised of:

To appreciate how well these areas work together, you'll need to see Clementine in person. If you can't wait, well here is a fly-through of the property.

Clementine's capacity depends upon many variables, but generally the maximum capacity of Adelaide Hall is 200 for a seated dinner, 175 for a seated wedding reception with dance floor, and 300 for a ceremony/ concert. Maximum capacity at Clementine is 450 for a reception.


What really need to know.

What's included

Add-on's make you crazy? (Us too.) We've included all of the below, and we don't have extra menu options after the fact.  If it's building related, Clementine probably has it. This is what is included:
  • 2 large indoor spaces: Adelaide Hall & Little Bird Lounge
  • outdoor walled courtyard: Brash Courtyard
  • 3 dressing rooms
  • Catering kitchen
  • Ice machines (750 lbs ice)
  • Audio system - multi-zoned through property
  • Lighting systems - multi-zoned, color selectable
  • Image projection - for event branding
  • BYO alcohol and 20-ft marble bar
  • 2 stages, built-in bistro tables and outdoor seating
  • Host liability insurance
  • Venue manager
  • Security / doorman
  • WiFi
  • Clean-up post event
  • Taxes, card fees
We have a large curated list of approved vendors to help you with your vendor selection.


Rental rates are based upon the day of the week. (We book events up to 18 months in advance.)
  • Monday thru Thursday: $8,800
  • Friday: $11,000
  • Saturday: $16,000
  • Sunday: $11,000 (holiday weekend +$3,000)
  • Too Good to Be True Tuesdays (some blackout dates apply)
  • Early Bird Booking: +$1000 Allows you to book events up to 24 months in advance. (For those impatient types.)
  • Peak Saturdays (September, October & November): +$1000
  • For Corporate or NYE events, please ask
If you're confused by venue prices and need help comparing costs quickly, this article will help.

Initial payment of 50% is due at time of booking, and final payment is due 9 months before event date. Rates are subject to change and are not locked until contract signing.

Event window

Event times vary by day of the week (except of course for hourly events):
  • Monday thru Thursday: 12 hours (noon - midnight)
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 14 hours (10 am - midnight)

Available Dates

We book events at Clementine Hall up to 18 months out. We post a new month of availability on the first of every month.

Tour Clementine


Tours at Clementine

Never been to Clementine before? We'd like to meet you and show you Clementine. Before booking a tour, please check our rates and available dates and capacity. We book tours up to a month out. To book, click on the orange floating box in the bottom right of your screen.

Our other venue, RUBY

We never want to dissuade you from choosing Clementine Hall, of course, but sometimes you just have to look at Ruby. It could be that you have an event a need for a smaller, more intimate event, but there are so many more reasons.

Ruby, like Clementine, was designed by Dragon Park and has the same attention to architectural detail and systems. Ruby is about half size and capacity of Clementine, with a contemporary/historic/industrial design.  Ruby is surrounded by courtyards that open to a park, in a Hillsboro Village location in midtown Nashville. The following are some recent images at Ruby.