Could Clementine be a fit for your congregation?


e have been hosting churches at our venues since 2011. During that time, we have learned what churches need and how to be a good partner in their growth. We've also learned what churches are likely a good partner for us. Our buildings were designed as churches and we believe that our buildings should continue to hold church services and be a place of God.

Features of Clementine Hall

Awe Inspiring
Clementine is a stunning 1889 brick church that has been fully restored with modern amenities and systems.  Importantly, the space elicits awe in all who enter, from the humbleness and texture of the brick walls to the soaring beamed ceiling and fully restored pipe organ.

Little Bird Lounge connects to Adelaide Hall and has its own entrance from the courtyard. Ten restrooms are accessed through the lounge. A large dressing room with bathroom for the leadership team and a private, walled courtyard complete the physical program.

Audio / Video
A concert quality audio system in Adelaide Hall and excellent acoustics mean that music and voice will be heard well without having to store, transport, and set-up elaborate equipment each week. Two built-in stages provide options for services. Audio in Adelaide Hall may be broadcast anywhere on the property.

Clementine's projectors may be used for branding purposes in serveral places throughout the facility. A ceiling projector mount, cabling, and built-in screen are available for projection above the organ stage.

Every surface of Adelaide Hall - the walls, ceiling, and floors - are washed in color-selectable LED lights which can create any number of moods in the room.

Audio, Video and Lighting may all be controlled from a separate panel is the back of the hall.

We have 300 black resin folding chairs onsite on rolling carts.

The Relationship

Adelaide Hall has a maximum seated capacity of 300. Little Bird Lounge is suitable for kids programming.

Days and Hours
We are able to rent Clementine every Sunday from 7 am to 1 pm. Past experience tells us that this allows for a maximum of two services. Additional days may be available for an additional rental fee.

Long-Term Relationship
We are seeking a long-term relationship with an established congregation. A short lease creates uncertainty for a church which is establishing roots, but also for the venue which is investing in the relationship. A two-year lease is the shortest duration we will consider.

Rental Rate
Monthly lease of $12,500.


If interested, contact us at We would like to meet you and give your entire leadership team a tour.

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Top 10 reasons why Clementine Hall is a great home for your church!

1. The building is architecturally stunning, and well, church-like.
2. Parking is plentiful and free.
3. Security is tight with a walled entry into the courtyard.
4. Audio is built in.
5. Video is built in.
6. Lighting is comprehensive and highly customizable.
7. Stages are onsite. Chairs are onsite.
8. Your volunteers will have much less physical work and resulting burnout.
9. We're between two young, vibrant neighborhoods - Sylvan Park and The Nations.
10. We're a home for your church, not a transitional location.